Bristol’s reasons for the cinema to return to Redfield

In Bristol, much of the cultural provision is concentrated in the centre of the city. 

Redfield is situated in the Easton ward, with neighbouring Lawrence Hill and St George using the high street extensively. But it is hard to maximise the advantages of local diversity as there are are no places to come together and share stories between our communities.

A cinema & cultural venue at this key location of St George’s Hall (on a major arterial road, well served by public transport and surrounded by residential areas) would be the only established cultural venue within a 20 minute walk.

There is no cinema at all in East Bristol, and there is no cinema in the city designed with the objective of proactively engaging its local community in the ways we are proposing.

This is a once-in-a-location opportunity to build a diverse, representative board and create meaningful connections to local groups and organisations whose voices and reach we could extend.

It is increasingly clear that access to arts & culture is a requirement of healthy living. 

Behavioural trends, the pandemic and the climate emergency, have encouraged urban populations to stay local rather than travel into city centres. 

The concept of “20 minute “neighbourhoods” and “15 minute cities” in which everything needed for healthy living is within a 20 minute walk is a clear way of future proofing the health and environmental resilience of city populations.

Welsh Government – Exploring the relationship between culture and well-being

Arts Council – What can culture do for healthcare?

Bristol: One City

Bristol’s One City Plan is informed by the Sustainable Development Goals, and this project delivers across them notably on: 

Our proposal delivers against the 5 building blocks from Bristol’s Corporate Strategy (draft) for 2027 and all 7 of its themes.


Development and Delivery

Environmental Sustainability

Equality and Inclusion


Children and Young People

Economy and Skills

Environment and Sustainability

Health, Care and Wellbeing

Homes and Communities

Transport and Connectivity

Effective Development Organisation

We need your help to keep the cinema!