What our supporters say


It’s great news that the community of Redfield have an opportunity to redevelop the old cinema site. In 1982 Watershed was the first development of the old sheds on Harbourside. The ambition was to provide a cultural centre with cinema at its heart and reinvigorate that part of Bristol. The rest as they say is history. This is a great opportunity to similarly develop a neighbourhood through a locally driven dynamic balance of cultural provision and community access. It will be a win-win for the neighbourhood and for Bristol.

Mark Cosgrove

Cinema curator, Waterhsed

We welcome the Redfield Cinema proposal which brings cultural film to one of Bristol’s most diverse neighbourhoods with limited cultural provision in a building that has a rich history of showing films. We have been impressed by the local support for the cinema, the consultative approach and professionalism of those involved in leading the campaign and have no doubt they will make it a success given the opportunity. Cinema and food make for a great combination and we can’t wait to see the project develop. The open call funds and sector development offer we manage regionally awarding BFI funding with support from National Lottery align with the aspirations of the project in the context of the BFI2022 Strategy. We look forward to supporting the board in developing their vision for showing diverse films and meaningfully engaging the local community.

Madeleine Probst

Managing Producer, Film Hub South West (part of BFI Film Audience Network)