Local comedian and great, great, great grandson of Joeseph Puglsey: Matthew James.


I’ve got a historical connection to the cinema my grandfather’s grandfather, Joseph Pugsley was one of the original owners of what was then the the Granada cinema and i’d love to see it back up and running and restore to its former glory.

It’s got so much potential as a community space, not just as a cinema but performing arts for a wide range of activities to showcase young talent to showcase people from the local area and give them that opportunity get up and perform would be absolutely brilliant.

Whilst i think that there is a need for more local, affordable housing, I don’t think that that should come at the expense of having something that’s a community hub that can serve that local community.

I think it’s really important that this project, this cinema, this performance space keeps it real, keeps it down to earth, providing something for the local community for the people that are nearby. A place that’s affordable that offers people what they want.