How the Food Hall would work


Food halls are great cultural connectors. Diverse areas bring the joy of diverse food, but it’s hard for fledgling businesses to make the move from pop-up to premises. 

There is a large seating area and kitchen in the area used by Wetherspoons as a pub. We plan to use this space as a modern food hall with one permanent anchor kitchen and 2-3 incubator kitchens, where operators learn the ropes of daily operations. 

Catering for a range of tastes and budgets is a core part of our mission to create connections across communities. We are working with the support of Michelin-star chef Josh Eggleton and Team Canteen.

In most UK food markets, a developer will operate the venue, choose the independent food businesses for the hall, pay business rates, utilities and insurance, provide cutlery and crockery, hire uniformed staff to clear tables and clean toilets, and – critically – the developers run the lucrative bar. The independent food outlets either pay a fixed rent or a share of their turnover.