We’ve always been pro-housing on this site…

What We Mean By Housing

The developers are proposing that the cinema is demolished and HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) accommodation is built. However we oppose this plan – not only because the cinema would be lost, but because their proposal is not suitable for local need. HMO density in the ward is already above suggested limits.

The city has a housing crisis that needs to be addressed at all levels. 

Far from saying we should have no housing on the site, we are proposing a small net addition. There are 2 flats there already and the adjacent development has a total of 9, which we could likely mirror. There is also an option for an additional story on the front of the property but this is clearly a larger development task.

One route attractive to investors is to provide truly affordable accommodation. We look to partner with the the Housing Association and organisations like Youth Maps, Caring in Bristol and YMCA to offer a mix of housing to those with the most need.

This end of the housing crisis is the hardest to address as developers are traditionally looking for high rents or sale values – even from so-called ‘affordable’ homes.