Community cinema and venue

Cinema & Venue

Neighbourhood cinemas offer affordable shared experiences across class, heritage, ability, age and income. 

Recent advances in technology, coupled to changes in the commercial business model of film releasing, mean that cinema is successfully returning to local high streets all over the country. Our team has experienced cinema managers living locally which ensures we can stay true to the values and purpose directed by our board and operate the cinema independently.

In contrast to the mega-blockbusters that play for weeks on end at the multiplex, this new breed of cinema is much smaller and more nimble in its programming – screening films and hosting events that proactively engage with the local population, 

We will programme with the local community and build a representative board of local trustees to ensure delivery of a diverse and inspiring programme in a safe and inclusive space.

The large open space in front of the screen creates further opportunity for everything from stand up comedy to debates, conferences, music, workshops and more.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchens are great cultural connectors. Diverse areas bring the joy of diverse food. But it’s hard to make the move from pop-up to premises.

There is a large seating area and kitchen in the area developed by Wetherspoons. The campaign team are exploring options of how to have one permanent ‘cinema’ kitchen and 3-4 community kitchens either on a permanent or rotating basis.

Support has been offered from Josh Eggleton who has run similar projects on a temporary basis (see ‘Team Canteen’) and we are in conversation with Easton based Coexist Community Kitchen, Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls to see how we could support and extend their offering.