Isn’t this just a pipe dream – how will it be paid for?

The nature of our plan has already attracted expressions of interest from social impact investors. We soon expect to be in a position to offer to buy the the site from the new owners or structure some co-ownership arrangement. 

Purchase of the building, fit out of the cinema and initial set up costs will be funded by these investors, whose goals align with ours. 

They have been attracted by our proposal to deliver measurable social impact against the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the community performance targets we would set in consultation. Including but not limited to the following summary of our goals.

This not just an opportunity to bring back a heritage asset but to establish a genuinely forward-looking cinema space that would be the envy of other cities.

This combination of a robust business model, strong market opportunity and a clear commitment to social impact opens a significant opportunity to attract investors seeking to deliver positive social and environmental impact alongside commercial returns. After initial investment the project will be self sustaining 

To prove viability of running costs, a balanced budget and operating model has already been written using industry-standard benchmarks. 

These were developed by the Independent Cinema Office and our budget is also informed by the prior performance of two local single-screen cinemas – the Curzon Clevedon and The Cube.

We are in favour of a ‘pay what you can system’ for the cinema to ensure those of all income levels are welcome and there are various proven models we could adopt to run a break-even, profit sharing or profitable community kitchen.

Cultural cinema and arts programme co-produced with the local community, representative of the many voices within 20 minutes’ walk
Community kitchen & food hall providing nutritious affordable food, and acting as an incubator for fledgling local catering businesses looking to establish themselves in the city (supported by top local food & business talent)
Affordable homes, accommodation, employment and / or training for disadvantaged young people and those who may find it difficult to access the above.
Adoption of green power, and environmentally sustainable practices throughout.

We need your help to keep the cinema!