3 ways you can support the cinema campaign

Already commented but want to say more? You can!

Submit a fresh comment on the portal as before, adding: “I write further to my initial objection against application number 22/00803/F submitted on (date of your first comment submission) on behalf of “Landrose Bristol 03 Ltd” (“Landrose”)

2. Write to your Councillor or MP

We all have one Member of Parliament (MP) and two Local Councillors elected to represent us. They are there to listen to (and hopefully support!) our views.

Not sure who your MP and Councillors are? Click write to your MP or Councillor here then enter your postcode to find out.

Not sure what to say?

Tell them how you feel about potentially losing this amazing cinema, tell them how much saving the cinema could help the community, and ask for them to support the Save Redfield Cinema campaign.

For more ideas see What are we opposing?

3. Volunteer! Support the campaign with professional skills or contacts

All that has has stood in the way of the cinema being destroyed so far has been local volunteers making a noise about it. Imagine what we can do and how far our message can spread when we have your skills or contacts on board.

Get in touch and let us know if you’d like to help.

Don’t think you have anything to offer?

Yes you have! Anybody with a passion to help the community can:

translate this website and leaflets into languages spoken locally

post flyers through doors

talk to friends and neighbours about the cinema

spread the word through social media

speak at planning meetings