Save Redfield Cinema!

For the people of Redfield and East Bristol

Destroy a 110-year-old cinema

Remove a pub and social gathering place

Replace it with 44 accommodation ‘pods’


Neighbourhood Cinema

Community Kitchen

Events Venue

Meeting Place

Housing Provision


Petition Signatures


Facebook Supporters


Residents 10 minutes’ Walk Away


Objections to the Developer’s First Planning Application

We need your help to keep the cinema!

Join the campaign to reopen Redfield Cinema

There’s a building on a high street in East Bristol, within 15 minutes walk of communities diverse in class, heritage, faith, ability, age and income.

Originally a 750 seat cinema from 1912 – 1961, then used a bingo hall for 20 years, it was most recently bought by Wetherspoons in the 1980’s, who as well as building the bar, kitchen and dining areas, thankfully left most of the cinema intact – including 150 balcony seats.

The building gained official status as an Asset of Community Value in Dec 2021, however this has since been challenged by the developers on a technicality and we are working to have this reinstated.

Who are we?

We are local people who have brought the existence of the cinema to light. We have secured almost 9000 petition signatures and run an active Facebook group of over 2500 members.

We are a group of locals who have come together to prove the validity of saving and operating the site as a cinema, events space and community kitchen – a cultural hub for the area.

Among us are people with expertise in cinema operations, planning, architecture, business and CIC governance models, project management, communications, film production, youth work, catering and more.

All are welcome to get involved, and we particularly welcome partnerships with people who feel under represented people in the area.

What we want

We want to save Redfield Cinema from being developed into 44 accommodation ‘pods’. There is a largely intact 130-seat ART DECO CINEMA with potential to be a community hub in BS5 and the building has been serving the community as a social space for 110 years.

We want an affordable and accessible space that our community of communities can enjoy together.

Neighbourhood Cinema
Community Kitchen
Events Venue
Meeting Place
Housing Provision

Local campaigners are working to make the most of this opportunity

Through the shared experiences of film, food and events we believe this could be a place to celebrate the area’s diversity, to build community aspiration and cohesion, contribute to the area’s environmental resilience and increase mutual understanding and joy!

Our vision is for a neighbourhood cinema & venue that includes a large community kitchen and dining area downstairs, provides housing upstairs, and offers employment and training.

This campaign seeks to balance the need for more housing in the city but also deliver a cultural space that is affordable and accessible to all locals.